Your First Skydive 

Picture yourself on the edge of our state of the art airplane. 18,000 feet above beautiful Monterey Bay. You’ve waited and anticipated but no more delays. The time is now. What happens next is difficult to process. You fly then leap then fly again and begin to accelerate up to 120 mph, free-falling weightless about a thousand feet every five seconds; and it feels like you’re floating – like you can touch the stars – accomplish anything. At Skydive Monterey Bay you feel the energy of human flight, skydive the ocean and in that very moment, you are completely free, ecstatic and powerful.

Skydive the Ocean

For most people the details of skydiving are fairly foreign and maybe surreal. After all, not everyone jumps out of a perfectly good airplane. But those that do are the only ones who know what you are about to know. You probably have many questions, maybe some concerns, maybe even some second thoughts. We understand. Its a new experience – its easy to be nervous about what you don’t know yet. We were there once too. We’ll help clarify everything about Skydive Monterey Bay. We want you to have a fantastic experience and that includes understanding what to expect on your first jump.

We’ll start you off with a tandem skydive for your first jump. Skydiving seven days a week, weather permitting, we offer a variety of skydiving packages along with video and photography so that you can customize your first jump to be exactly how you, family and friends want your first skydive and parachuting experience to be. Call us today to schedule this amazing flight.


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