1st Jump Tandem | Skydive


We’ve got your back on your first skydive. Literally. Your first jump will be a tandem skydive. This is the easiest manner to try skydiving and parachuting for your first skydives. You will be attached to a professional tandem instructor with a four-point harness. After registration, you will partake in approximately 20 minutes of instruction with your jumpmaster. Get ready to experience up to 90 seconds of SKYDIVE FREEDOM!  To ease some performance pressure, the tandem instructor will open the parachute by 5,000 feet above the ground. The EXTREME fun continues with a 4-8 minute scenic parachute ride down for a smooth landing here at the Marina Municipal Airport, in our designated Parachute Landing Zone (PLZ). Spectators Welcome.

Tandem skydiving is the best and easiest way for you to experience your first jump. You’ll get a taste of all of the best skydiving has to offer, all of the exit, freefall and parachute descent, in the safest environment. You’ll be an active participant in the jump, flying your body through the air in tandem formation with your instructor.

Tandem skydiving and parachuting enables you to fully participate in the entire outdoor experience. Your instructor may be like training wheels. Helping to provide the necessary safety controls so that you can mostly focus on having fun in a relatively stress free environment. Filled with wonder, let your family and friends celebrate this adrenaline filled experience with you today. We are stoked to fly with you and show you our world.