Welcome To Your Next Big Adventure

You don’t skydive everyday so go for the VIP skydiving experience! Maybe you’ve always had dreams of flying, maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie or maybe you need something new and exciting in your life, whatever the reason, you’re only one step away from making your dream of human flight a reality. Skydive Monterey Bay offers unique skydiving options that no one else in California offers to ensure you have an amazing, comfortable, safe and life changing experience.


Skydive Monterey Bay is renowned as one of the top five most beautiful skydives in the world because of it’s incredible view and ultra long freefalls. Take a short drive down the coast from San Francisco to parachute in paradise.

Athletes, travelers and adventurers from across the world visit Skydive Monterey Bay – The best drop zone on the San Francisco Coast. See our pricing here ‘The World’s Highest Tandem Skydive’ from 18,000′, with our professional, kind, expert Skydiving Team, above the Pacific Ocean.

At Skydive Monterey Bay,  freefall begins over Monterey Bay. While in flight you can see as far north as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Your eyes will capture sights of the Bay Bridge of Oakland. Though you may decide to follow the California Pacific Coast Highway from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz. Another fun landmark is the stacks of Moss Landing; or perhaps down the valley from Fresno to San Jose.

While under parachute, don’t miss passing views of Hollister. Explore your views with the Gavilan and Santa Lucia Mountain Ranges from a new-improved aerial perspective. Coasting and weightless, you may start feeling at home as you enjoy the natural breathtaking sites of Historic Monterey, Carmel Valley and Big Sur.

Continue seeing the world unlike any beauty you ever imagined. We encourage you to spot whales and dolphins playing in the ocean below. Consider finding the Salinas River, as it will guide you as far inland as the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

You have so much to see from our skies. No wonder our guests tip-toe down to their soft landings, just to plan their next skydive with the friends – who thought they never could. Finally, you know you and your future skydivers can succeed at skydiving the best drop zone on the West Coast.

Planning your jump with the best is truly a skydiving and parachuting dream. At Skydive Monterey Bay, we make this an unbelievable flight, easily arranged. Our skies await you.

All of the majestic natural beauty that our prime, Central Coast location offers you, helps in making Skydive Monterey Bay the #1 skydiving and parachuting school in North America. But it’s not just our natural surroundings of ocean, trees, mountains, and coast that will expand your imagination.

First, we are proud to offer you the ‘World’s Highest Tandem Skydiving Experience from 18,000 feet’. With a ‘Go-Big-or-Go-Home’ record 90 seconds of adrenaline packed free-fall, we skydive higher and longer than any other skydiving center. Furthermore, with Monterey Bay – it is our honor to show you and your group, our beautiful Monterey, Santa Cruz oceans. So close to Oakland and San Jose landscapes, we explore the Silicon Valley in a way no unique to any other skydiving center, in the world! The entire state of California is ready to be discovered by you.  With flight, experience the thrill of skydiving today!

Furthermore, our skydiving aircraft is the best there is! Our Super King Air 200 is The World’s Fastest Jump Plane! Our aircraft is unsurpassed and outflies any skydiving aircraft in the world! The King Air 200 will transport our adventure to 18,000 feet of altitude in about nine minutes! This is the fastest and largest skydiving aircraft in the world. No joke. Did we mention the King Air 200 seats 21 skydivers?