COVID-19 Procedures, Requirements & Precautions

Skydive Monterey Bay is excited to be back in the skies. Our operations and procedures have changed in order to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We will be taking extra precautions throughout all aspects of our operations. Please note the following operational changes, safety requirements, and procedures that are now in effect.

Bookings & Reservations

Advance reservations are now REQUIRED. To ensure proper physical distancing, we are now operating at a limited capacity. Only advance reservations/bookings will be allowed to enter the facility. Walk-ins (no reservation), non-participants, and spectators are not allowed on the premises at this time.

Medical Screening

We require that any potential jumper attest to their current health status and potential exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, and submit to a temperature/fever (forehead) reading prior to entering the premises.

You will not be permitted inside the facility or be permitted to skydive if you:

  1. Or anyone you have had direct contact with has tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19 within 14 days of your skydive.
    Feel ill, or are exhibiting any flu-likesymptoms (cough, runny nose, sneezing) or fever within 7 (seven) days of your skydive.

In the event that these conditions occur between the time of booking and your jump date, we will require you to reschedule.

These requirements are also in place for our staff. They will not be reporting for work or permitted inside the facility until symptoms subside and the necessary isolation period has passed.

Safety Precautions

Please note that we have implemented the following safety precautions and best practices per the guidance of local, state and national health authorities. We will attempt to enforce these restrictions and new operational controls, however, we ask that you do your part to ensure compliance.

General Safety Precautions

Maintaining a physical distance of six feet is recommended and encouraged at all times when possible. Six feet distance markers are placed throughout the facility to assist in proper spacing. 


Face masks or coverings are recommended to be worn inside our hangar, office space and facility at all times, and are mandatory if at least six feet of physical distancing is not possible (e.g. during training or gear up). Each participant must provide their own masks/face covering and/or gloves.


requent and thorough hand washing and sanitizing is recommended. Hand sanitizer and washing stations are provided throughout our facility.


Frequent and regular disinfecting and sterilizing of common spaces, counter surfaces, door knobs, thresholds, accessories, are undertaken after each use and through the day on hourly schedules.


Restrooms now have limited capacity. New limitations are posted at the entrance of each restroom. Please respect t
he capacity limitations.


for Disease Control (CDC) signage outlining general public safety precautions and protocols are posted throughout the facility and accessible to all customers and staff.


Reservations & Check-In

Skydive Training & Jump Related Operations 

In-Flight & Skydive Operations

Precaution Limitations & General Assumption of Risk

Please note that no restriction, operational limitation, or safety procedures taken by Skydive Monterey Bay will guarantee you will not become infected by Covid-19, as is the case in most public businesses, spaces, or environments. You assume this risk if you choose to participate in skydiving.

We will be monitoring our customers, jumpers and staff compliance with face coverings, social distancing and hygiene practices, when practical. We ask that you do your part and ensure that you, and anyone in your group, are in compliance, with our procedures and precautions. There may be times during the skydive process that, in the interest of aviation or skydive safety, we may circumvent some of these precautions.

For More Information

For additional information on Skydive Monterey Bay’s protocol during this period please contact our team at 831-384-3483 or by email at