Videography & Photography

Image_GetVideoPhotosWhile you’ll never forget your first skydive, video and pictures let you relive and share your every smile and emotion from your epic adventure.

While you’re living in the moment, experiencing human flight, our skilled teams of aerial photographers are capturing the moment in high definition and high resolution.

Sandwiched between the gorgeous Monterey Bay beaches and dunes, and the Santa Lucia mountain range, Skydive Monterey Bay is one of the nicest places to try skydiving in the entire world. And it’ll show in your skydiving video and pictures.

Skydive Monterey Bay’s primary method of aerial videography and photography utilizes an additional “outside” cameraperson. Shooting with professional still and video cameras, the cameraperson interacts and shoots independent of the tandem pair, providing wide-angle perspective of you, the scenery and the entire experience.

Some skydive centers have moved to mostly “inside” videography where the Tandem Instructor wears the video camera on his/her hand. This is great as a complimentary angle but by itself does not provide the perspective to properly tell the story, and in our case, display the incredible ocean and mountain scenery.

We have high standards for our video and photo experience so we do not offer the inside perspective as a stand-alone product. We do, however, offer both perspectives.